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My first name is Pierre, but everybody known my surname "Pierrot". I have more than 50 years and I live in the south-west of France, near Toulouse.

I collect crown caps since 1978, beer, water, cider, soda, and other drinks, but only from bottles that I drink myself (with some exceptions). For these reasons, I don't trade caps with other collectors, and my collection is very limited.

I buy most of beer bottles in my region, and also, some beer bottles were traded with other europeans collectors.
I stored my caps in folders, with plastic plates (special for Champagne caps). Each folder contain 4 plates, and each plate contain 40 caps, so I can put 160 caps by folders.

crowns folder

I like to know a lot of informations about my cronwcaps (brewery, brand, kind of drink, country, year, city, and factory signs), and CapsNavigator is perfect for this.

Postal address:31770 COLOMIERS