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Gambia (No caps)South Africa (No caps)Europe (Caps count: 1555)Europe (Caps count: 1555)Sao Tome and Principe (No caps)Gabon (No caps)Equatorial Guinea (No caps)Equatorial Guinea (No caps)No capsAngola (No caps)Swaziland (No caps)Namibia (No caps)Botswana (No caps)Lesotho (No caps)Republic of the Congo (No caps)Uganda (No caps)Tanzania (No caps)Rwanda (No caps)Kenya (No caps)No capsBurundi (No caps)Zambia (No caps)Mozambique (No caps)No capsMalawi (No caps)Zimbabwe (No caps)Tunisia (No caps)Morocco (Caps count: 2)Algeria (No caps)Sierra Leone (No caps)Nigeria (No caps)Guinea-Bissau (No caps)Guinea (No caps)Burkina Faso (No caps)Benin (No caps)Togo (Caps count: 2)Senegal (Caps count: 2)Niger (No caps)Mauritania (No caps)Mali (No caps)Libya (No caps)Western Sahara (No caps)Cote d'Ivoire (No caps)Ghana (No caps)Central African Republic (No caps)Cameroon (No caps)Liberia (No caps)Sudan (No caps)Somalia (No caps)Ethiopia (No caps)Eritrea (No caps)Djibouti (No caps)No capsAsia (Caps count: 55)Asia (Caps count: 55)Egypt (No caps)Europe (Caps count: 1555)Europe (Caps count: 1555)Europe (Caps count: 1555)Europe (Caps count: 1555)Africa
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